Course: Responsible Research Practices: Reflection, Research Ethics, Research Integrity

Title of the course: Responsible Research Practices: Reflection, Research Ethics, Research Integrity

Lead Organizer: TUW

Date: 7-17/12/21

Brief biography of the instructors:

  • Dr. Marjo Rauhala is the research ethics coordinator at TU Wien, responsible for developing research ethics and research integrity structures for the university. Marjo Rauhala has a broad experience in research ethics ranging from research, to collaboration with various bodies responsible for assessment of research and  innovation in the national and international contexts.
  • Dr. Lisa Sigl is researcher at the Research Platform “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Academic Practice”. Her main research interest lies in the conditions that allow societal responsibility (in its various dimensions) to be a legitimate and potent value in research cultures and practices.

Feedback Questionnaire


Preliminary program

(this course comprises 2 mandatory online sessions, independent work in pairs, and presentation of work)

1st meeting (8 hours), Dec 7, 10am to 6pm
10.00 – 13.00
  • Introductory round & Intro to Workshop plan (15min)
  • Lecture Research Ethics (app. 1,5h)
  • Break (15min)
  • Lecture Responsible Research (app. 45min)
  • Discuss Task for students until 2nd meeting
    • Dossier including (1) Mapping of what issues and questions in Research Ethics and Rsponsibility matter most for student’s own PhD Project; (2) self-reflection essay (8h)
13.45 – 17.45
  • Split in two Groups of 6 students and do a structured Group Discussion
17.45 – 18.00
  • Memory minutes of the group discussion (as basis for the dossier students will have to write)
Intermezzo (8hours) between Dec 7 and 17
Independent work in pairs according to the guidelines provided, preparing a presentation for the 2nd meeting.
2nd meeting (4 hours), Dec 17, 1pm to 5pm
  • Participants present their mappings and get feedback on dossier; work is done in pairs
  • Time for open Q&A