Meta Wireless activities and results are presented and promoted within the scientific community according to its dissemination plan (based on the Dissemination section of the H2020 online manual), which includes: (i) publications in top-tier journals;  (ii) presentations of results within major international conferences; (iii) participation and organization of dedicated workshops and public events; and (iv) uploading in open access repositories of research data and products (numerical databases and source codes). Journal and Conference Papers are summarized in the Results webpage.


Deliverable D4.2 / D4.3 / D4.4 / D4.5 summarize the dissemination activities for year one / two / three / four of the Meta Wireless Project.


Moreover, in the lifetime of the project Open days and STEM activities are organized, for high school students and families and for primary and secondary schools, respectively. The ESRs present the project and realize interactive experiments designed together with their supervisors to spark the audience interest for science.