Alongside the research objectives, MetaWireless has the following main training objectives for the ESRs:

  • Training Objective A: Providing a solid understanding of RIS-based communications, at all levels, i.e. electromagnetics for RISs, theory and algorithms for RIS-based networks, simulation of RIS-based networks.
  • Training Objective B: Providing inter-sectoral experience, with training on both theoretical and applied research, as well as in standardization procedures, and the creation of intellectual property rights.
  • Training Objective C: Providing transferable skills training, (project management, entrepreneurship, gender issues, exploitation and dissemination of results, organization of outreach events, forming collaborations, etc.).

MetaWireless is the first training program that focuses on all aspects of RIS-based wireless networks, from fundamental electromagnetic analysis, to communication theory, to networking and software aspects

In particular, in addition to specificities one-day workshops, dissemination day and final conference, some Schools and Complementary courses will be organized. Schools, delivered by experts from industry/academia on specific topics of the project, will be organized to give to the ESRs the time to learn and use the material for their individual project, while Complementary courses supplement those offered in academia.



Title Organizers Date
First Doctoral School TID, AALTO, WUP, EAB, CNIT 8 – 10/03/22
Second Doctoral School CNIT, GRW, UNISI, CNRS 30 – 31/05/22
Third Doctoral School CNIT, GRW, UNISI, CNRS 6 – 10/06/22
Fourth Doctoral School CNIT, CNRS, KTH, NEC, UNICLAM, UNISI 9 – 24/03/23
Fifth Doctoral School NOK, TUW 13 – 15/03/23



Title Lead Organizer Date
Gender and underrepresented minorities issues DEM 1 – 16/12/21
Responsible Research Practices: Reflection, Research Ethics, Research Integrity TUW 7 – 17/12/21
Developing effective research papers and presentations UPF 18/2/22 – 4/3/22
Strategies, methods and best practices in order to create an effective CV and improve communication and teamwork skills WUP 28/10/22 – 25/11/22
EAB, TID 16 – 30/11/22
CNIT, CNRS, DEM 28/6/23 – 25/7/23
9 – 27/6/23