Research Fellows

MetaWireless is the first EU training-through-research program that is focused on the emerging interdisciplinary field of RIS-based wireless networks, which encompasses electromagnetics, physics, wireless communications, networks, learning, and software programmability. No academic/research course on RISs for wireless networks (at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level) exists in any EU university. The Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) of MetaWireless will be the only doctoral students able to conduct research by using the only available (in the world) and fully-functional RIS-based wireless communication platforms, which are made available by SEU and THU.

The following table summarizes the main data of the ESRs.

Fellow Project Title Host Institution Ph.D. Enrolment Ph.D. University Advisor Deliverables
AAL-1 Multi-function reconfigurable meta-surface structures for wireless networks AAL AAL Dr. Sergei Tretyakov D1.1, D1.5, D1.9/10
AAL-2 Equivalent circuital models for meta-surface structures AAL AAL Dr. Sergei Tretyakov D1.2, D1.6, D1.9/10
CNIT-1 Radio resource allocation in RIS-based wireless networks CNIT UNICLAM Dr. Stefano Buzzi D1.2, D1.6, D1.9/10
CNIT-2 Localization and sensing through meta-surface structures CNIT UNICLAM Dr. Stefano Buzzi D1.3, D1.7, D1.9/10
CNRS-1 Electromagnetic modeling of signal propagation in RIS-empowered wireless networks CNRS UPS Dr. Marco Di Renzo D1.2, D1.6, D1.9/10
CNRS-2 Modeling and optimization of large-scale RIS-based wireless networks CNRS UPS Dr. Marco Di Renzo D1.3, D1.7, D1.9/10
DEM-1 Large bandwidth and multi-band RIS designs for high frequencies bands DEM UNIPI Dr. Angeliki Alexiou D1.1, D1.5, D1.9/10
GRW-1 Integrated communication and sensing meta-surfaces for wireless networks GRW PSL Dr. Mathias Fink D1.1, D1.5, D1.9/10
KTH-1 Algorithms for channel estimation & low-feedback overhead in RIS-based wireless networks KTH KTH Dr. Gabor Fodor D1.3, D1.7, D1.9/10
NEC-1 Scalable software-configurable large-scale intelligent radio environments NEC UNICLAM Dr. Stefano Buzzi D1.3, D1.7, D1.9/10
NOK-1 Ray-tracing module for RIS-based wireless networks NOK AAL Dr. Tretyakov D1.4, D1.8, D1.9/10
TID-1 Real-time engine for orchestrating the control plane in RIS-based wireless networks TID UPF Dr. Angel Lozano D1.4, D1.8, D1.9/10
TUW-1 Open-access system-level simulator for RIS-based wireless networks TUW TUW Dr. Markus Rupp D1.4, D1.8, D1.9/10
UPF-1 Information-theoretic performance limits of RIS-based wireless networks UPF UPF Dr. Angel Lozano D1.2, D1.6, D1.9/10
WUP-1 Meta-surfaces for low-complexity transmitter design in RIS-based wireless networks WUP UNISI Dr. Stefano Maci D1.1, D1.5, D1.9/10

After the selection, names, short biographies and contact of Research Fellows will be published.