NOK-1: Sravan Vuyyuru

  • NameSravan Kumar Reddy
  • Surname: Vuyyuru
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthdate: 24/10/1996
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Institutional email address:

Short Biography

Vuyyuru Sravan Kumar Reddy is from Andhra Pradesh, India. After completing his high school, his professional path began with admission into Hindustan University, India has allowed him to gain a sound understanding of the various fundamental concepts in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He received bachelor’s degree (Honours) and received gold medal from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2018 from Hindustan University, India. His bachelor thesis entitled “FGPA based home automation system” demonstrates a smart home device to control appliances using GSM.
He is an Erasmus Mundus scholar and graduated from Erasmus mundus Innovative Microwave Electronics and Optics (Erasmus Mundus EMIMEO) Master's program from University of Brescia, Italy and University of Limoges, France in 2021. His earlier research work on metasurfaces was to design and fabricate a linear metalens with AlGaAs nanoantennas on a sapphire substrate at optical wavelength (1550nm). He numerically simulated the metalens through waveguide approach by tuning the geometry of meta-atoms and through Mie resonances approach. Finally, He have demonstrated another application of metasurfaces which is optical beam steering and a metalens behaviour when properly optimizing the geometrical parameters of each unitary cell that forms the metasurface. Moreover, he also fabricated metalens in the cleanroom by optimizing the challenges encountered.
In September 2021, he started his PhD (doctoral program) at Nokia, Oulu, Finland as an early-stage researcher in collaboration with Aalto University under the frame of META WIRELESS project, a new European Marie Skłodowska- Curie Action Innovative Training Network. His PhD project is termed as “Ray-tracing module for RIS-based wireless networks”. His doctoral supervisor is Professor Dr. Sergei Tretyakov from Aalto University and his doctoral advisors are Dr. Risto Valkonen from Nokia and Professor Dr. Marco Di Renzo from CNRS, Paris-Saclay University. His line of research will especially focus on the principles of ray-tracing simulation and reinforcement learning approaches for RIS-based networks and to re-engineer the ray tracing module of Nokia Bell Labs that accounts for the generalized reflection and Snell’s law.


  • Project Title: Ray-tracing module for RIS-based wireless networks
  • Host Institution: NOK
  • Ph.D. Enrollment: AALTO
  • Ph.D. University Advisor: Dr. Sergei Tretyakov