UNIPI – University of Piraeus

UNIPI is a highly prestigious institution in the area of Finance, Technology and Digital Systems. The department of Digital Systems is the main driver and contributor to making the University of Piraeus one of the fastest growing institutions in Greece in the national and international research arenas. The department’s curricula and research cover the areas of digital/network services, broadband (wireless and optical) networks, as well as the techno-economical management and security of digital systems. In addition, the department consists of over 20 researchers and is very active, both internationally and nationally, in all the aforementioned areas. UNIPI will participate in the project through its department of Digital Systems and in particular the Broadband Communication Systems group. The group was established in 2010, and its research focus is on future communications networks and technologies, such as 5G ultra-dense heterogeneous wireless networks, device-to-device and machine-to-machine communication, and cooperative transmissions, THz Communications. Topics of interest range from advanced physical layer procedures and algorithms to radio resource management and future network architectures.

UNIPI will enroll into its Ph.D. program the ESR hired by DEM.

Key persons:

Website: https://www.unipi.gr/unipi/el/psif-home.html