WUP – Wave Up S.r.l.

Wave Up (WUP) is an innovative company that provides custom solutions for industries, bridging the gap between academic research and industrial/commercial applications. Taking advantage of the strong academic background of its employees, WUP provides highly qualified consultancy activities and feasibility studies on a wide range of electromagnetic problems. WUP’s services span from the electromagnetic modelling of complex problems to the design and prototyping of innovative highly performing antennas, microwave and millimeter wave circuits. WUP is specialized in designing metamaterial-based ultra-flat antennas, dielectric lenses, polarizers, shaped reflectors, arrays and developing innovative electromagnetic solutions in the fields of telecommunications, defense and space. Based on its expertise in the design of metasurface-based antennas, WUP has developed an unequalled set of software tools for analyzing, designing, and optimizing state-of-the-art and beyond meta-surface based structures.

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Website: http://www.wave-up.it/